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The budget is beginning to loosen up a little around here and a boat is in my near future. Looking at many of the newer generation fish finders and WOW... Tons of pretty incredible features.

The one that looks like it will fit the budget is the Lowrance HDS 5 (Gen 2). Found a few used ones for around 400-450. Anyone have one of these? Like it? Worth the money? Recommend?

I'll be using my current Lowrance as my real-time grapher, but would LOVE to have that navigation system and plotter on the HDS... Would be pretty wicked with all the big waters around here.
I have the HDS-5 Gen 1 unit and i love it!! The GPS and Sonar combo is awesome...

Not that you care but they make an Ice Pak so you can use it through the ice as well :)(Or a personal pontoon boat etc)
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