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I've used an Eagle unit similar to Talo's and also used an Aqua View Camera unit.

The use of either or these units have added a new dimension to ice fishing. Fishing over sonar at times has been like using my kids play station unit... you watch the fish in the sonar cone, and then manipulate your lure to coax the fish into taking your lure. It's akin to teasing a kitten into chasing a piece of yarn along the floor.

The underwater camera takes it to an even greater level as you can watch fish behavior and see exactly how they react to your lure and your presentation. You can also pan the area under the ice to get a sweeping view of the cover under the ice. The clarity provided by these units is pretty amazing.

I also use a handheld portable fishing buddy. We usually have one or two people drilling holes in a zigzag pattern or a straight line out from shallow to deep water, while I follow them calling out depths using the fishing buddy to locate drops, ridgelines etc. The handheld sonar comes in handy, as it allows you to locate structure to target zones you want to explore and fish. Yes, I love the electronic gizmos, as it makes for a multidimensional ice fishing experience. MAN I CAN?T WAIT TO HIT THE ICE!!!
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