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Eleven Mile Marina...what a resort store should be...

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I stopped at the Eleven Mile Marina on Saturday and dealt with two different individuals (one whose name I didnt get and the owner Larry Falk)...I was very pleasantly surprised...the customer service was as good as any I have had in the state of Colorado and believe it is what all customer oriented shops should aspire to...they had fresh bait, they fish the lake regularily...they even had ice fishing products I have been looking for in Denver that no one has (the Bait Puck an insulated mealworm/waxworm holder that wont crush that fits in your pocket)...I saw it in the new product section of this years In Fisherman Ice Annual Magazine...stunned I was that Larry had them in the middle of no where...he said he tries to stay on the cutting edge and have a few new products every year...he said if you are thinking of coming up to call him and get a report...that he will tell you straight and try and put you on fish...this guy has the customer end of it figured out and will do well...(I think of the early days of Chapparel Park when it was tough to get a fishing report out of them...or an un-named store with fishing stuff in Red Feather that due to lack of smiling and no fishing reports we nicknamed the Grumpy Mart - they have new ownership) if you are headed to Eleven Mile...check our forum...if you dont find what you need...give Larry a call at 719-748-0317...he sounds like he would be glad to help you with an up to date of where to go and what to use at the Mile...
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I'm not so sure of the intentions of the "tips" provided by the folks at the 11 Mile store. The ones we have received haven't been "helpful" and we usually ignore them. I seriously think that they try to lead people away from the good fishing.
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