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     It depends on what you are fishing for bud. If its trout, try fishing Sucker Cove or Witchers Cove on the south side of the lake. I have good luck using Premium orange or rainbow Nitro Bait with a squirt of corn or anise Nitro Gravy. Also the white Nitro bait with a squirt of the Garlic Nitro gravy. If you want pike you might try off Howbert point tossin a tube jig filled with the Crawdad Nitro gravy! One thing you might think of if you go to 11 Mile this weekend, there is a tournament there Sat. and Sunday with prolly a couple hundred others running all over the lake!...LOL... Prime spots will be slim pickens  ;D with money on the line!
    Good luck and cya on the water!!!!
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