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12.14.10 from: Wattzz (fish explorer)

Bout the same as "recon" said, Stoll Mountain 8 1/2 of CLEAR ice you could see the bottom of the lake while you walked and Slick, landed two 18in bows ,1)3/8 wht pimple,1)shrimpo tip with wax,will add.. awsome morning no wind,sunburn on the face,and they need to paved instead of patch that road in

11 mile website

ICE CONDITIONS UPDATE: 12.13.10 12:00pm The warm and windy weather continues. The North Shore to Goose Island has opened up again. There are limited shore fishing opportunities from North Shore to Rocky Flats. The lake is 90% ice covered. Most areas are 4 to 6 inches. The pressure ridge at Cross Creek has opened and its less of a ridge and more open water. Look to coves for tight ice. Warm weather forecast to continue for the next day or so which means conditions will deteriorate from here. USE EXTREME CAUTION.

carefull of open water, let me know as i am going friday
1 - 3 of 3 Posts