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Elevenmile 8-27

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Me and the wife went up to elevenmile the other day and did a little pike fishing. I was just trying to find fish since i haven't been pike fishing at Elevenmile since the spring. We fished for 3 hrs and caught three fish. Two were dinks 4 and 2 lbs and one was a decent fish 10lbs. I can tell though that the pike fishing is on you just have to locate them. The water temp is right and the fish are hungry.
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where did u catch the pike at when i was there a month ago icouldnt find any i was fishing witchers cove
catfishking said:
where did u catch the pike at when i was there a month ago icouldnt find any i was fishing witchers cove
I hear the inlet is very weedy right now this would be a good place to start your search I would think.
Three fish is about a decent average day for pike. I have heard they don't like traditional pike baits like spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and big spoons here as much. What are your go to 11 - mile baits and what did you catch these ones on?
I throw twister tails at 'em just like for wallys or bass. The pikeys love 'em! A little piece of worm doesnt hurt.
They love jigs of all kinds! A 1/2 oz flipping jig with the biggest blackest pork craw you can find, slowly swimmed along the bottom is deadly there. I also really like large plastic fluke type baits like the Fin S Fish, Reapers and Banjo Minnows. Husky jerks work also, especially in the spring.
Neal, I second jigs they produce. I've seen the biggest pike come out high speed trolling shallow weed bars during heavy wind.
Sweet ,I havent scored big yet :'(2yrs ago I found some pike AT THAT EAST COVE but the water was way down. 11mile or spinny this have not been good to me this year on pike :'( I miss the fight of those sliming,toothey guys.But I havelearned that big trout eat big daredevils too. I was at boat ramp at spinny a week ago had nice big one follow to boat but not hit :-[ I will try this weekend 3dayer you know.
Try Bomber long A's with the rattles rainbow pattern. It also helps alot if there is wind, stirs up the shallows and the pike start moving because there getting cover from the dirty water.
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