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Anyone use anything other than the traditional 5 minute or 2 hour variety? ive used both, but was wanting something that dries harder and clearer than those two types...i was wondering if there is a 24 hour type (maybe the same kind of resin epoxy that is used on rod coatings) to use on some of my saltwater spoon fly patterns...
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I dont know how it would work on spoons, but I use uv knotsense. I apply it like I would epoxy, and when I get it how I want it, I shine a uv light on it, works great! seta in about 15 seconds.
hmm, now thats an interesting idea. i might try that as an underbody...just to see how well it forms...

for some reason i cant seem to keep that Knot Sense stuff in its tube...every time i turn around its leaking all over the place and is a i stopped buying it, it was getting out of, i hated its smell....

when it works it works well though i have to admit.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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