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Erie Reservoir 4/24

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Well, the rubberfish factory errrrr...Erie Reservoir still has plenty in stock. It's tough for me to resist going, as it's less than five minutes from my house. Those rubberfish taste all right, too. I went last evening at about 7:30 and stayed for about a half hour. I caught two about fifteen inches each using a gold kastmaster.
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I'll probably sound dumb,but, what the heck is a "rubbberfish"? ??? ??? ???
A rubberfish is a stocked rainbow.
The rubberfish were out in force most of the weekend at Erie. I went Friday evening, and even in the wind, caught 4 in about an hour on Gulp nightcrawlers. My brother had never caught a trout before so I sent him over there Saturday morning and he caught 8 or 10 before going home -- one of them was 17" even.

I don't have kids, but if I did, this would be a great place to take them for a positive fishing experience.
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