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Eskimo Gas Auger(s) for sale

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I also have a Lazer 6" hand auger[/B] with new blades, and a backup set that aren't new. (that I also used on the clam plate)

Clam Drill Plate: SOLD

Lazer 6" Hand Auger: $70 (they range from $90-$100 new)

I have the handle for the auger.

Thanks for looking,

Cheers. ATK
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Im not quite sure how to PM, but I'm interested!
I'll send you one.
cool, I'd like to check it out, sometime today or during the week if that works. Hit me up 7209510106 thanks
Lucas?!?! What's up my dude!?
Yeah bro, finally back and getting ready for some ice, trying to gear up because I sold everything when I moved.
That's wassup! Glad you're back. I will shoot you a text in a bit.
Looks like I still had your number in my phone, homie. :thumb:
1 - 6 of 10 Posts
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