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I have one and really like how it expands in the front. I like to have three holes; two to fish through and one in the center for my flasher, so the width really helps there. I like how it's made and the size of the unit. The chair is the right height for me and comfortable.
My complaints would be first and foremost that the chair sits at the very end of the sled and doesn't slide back. This makes it so that I've got to sit too close to the ice hole/canvas. It needs to be mounted further back, or better yet, be able to slide back away from the ice hole.
Next, I think the canvas where the door is should be more vertical. It comes off at a pretty steep angle. This, combined with the position of the seat, causes me to hit it on almost every hook set. I usually raise the canvas when I see fish on the flasher to avoid making contact with the canvas on a hook set.

I'm glad I have it, and I've found that if I sit sideways on the chair (it swivels), I can sit further back, which helps, but I lose having the back rest. I'm going to try to make some kind of way to allow the seat to slide front to back. Then I'll really like it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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