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I'm already back in school, which is a bummer, but since I'm a senior and all that stuff, I get out at 12:08, which leaves plenty of daylight for fishing.

I couldn't get anyone to come with me today, so I went up to Evergreen by myself.

I always get skunked there, so I wasn't expecting much. I arrived at 1:30, and 3 hours, 6 holes, and every jig in my tackle box later, I was still smelling skunk.

I already broke that new year's resolution...[:(]

I was fishing in a puddle of water by that 30 MPH sign. I would guess that it was around 20 feet deep, but who knows. I changed spots three times, each time moving closer to shore. I saw a few people fishing, but only one guy reported catching anything, which was one trout. The ice is soft and easy to drill through at about 10 inches. Don't get too close to the inlet.

Even when I'm not catching fish, I like to take pictures, so here they are.

My set up so I can relax in my chair and jig when I want. I made three of these, so, 6 holes.

Here is the lake. It was a warm day, but the ice is safe...haha.


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yeah, i have never landed a fish there, iv'e hooked 3, and tried a billion times, i think i only go back because there is a chance for a big tiger while im trout fishing

if the weather gets back to normal the ice will last, the pool were freezing back over when i left as the sun went down, that place gets chilly in a hurry when the sun goes away

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mustang do you ever set out a tipup with a dead sucker or other fish for the tigers? I assume it would be slow but I bet you would eventually get one. I hear there are a lot in there; my friend from Golden caught 3 tigers there this year which is pretty good. he said he fished it about 12 times for tigers so that is a good percentage. I assume the tigers would act similar to pike through the ice. I'm rambling here, but just give it a try.

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i have thought about that, and i have a tipup, and during the summer i see a ton of tigers

the fish of 10000000 casts can definetly be caught here, and probably in a day if you put your mind to it

i will try the sucker thing, cuz i know there are suckers in evergreen, but people seem to think tigers wont hit dead bait

anything is worth trying though, thanks tfb
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