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So at about 11:00 this morning my wife and I decided to shoot up to Evergreen to have lunch. I thought I would try fishing Evergreen lake for a while. Fished from 12:30-2:00. At about 1:00 I had the best 1/2 hour of fishing so far this year. Caught 4 nice (17-21 in.) cutbows on powerbait.

I was not really expecting much- we just wanted to hang out. As a matter of fact I was using my ultra-light rod thinking I MIGHT hook into some stockers (it was the middle of the day!). After about 1/2 hour I did not get another bite.

Light wind blowing into our faces, fish were caught fairly close to shore (maybe 30 feet). It seems that most people were trying to fish in deeper water and were not getting anything.

I could tell a lot of people were looking at us. Talked to one guy who had been there since early this AM. Part of me felt bad for walking right in there and catching (and releasing) 4 nice fish. But- it also felt good to be "that guy" for once.
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