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I'm back from my "vacation" to the big scout jamboree in Virginia. The highlight was fishing the lake there. I caught 6 nice catfish in about an hour. I'll post the pictures when I deveop them.

Today is my first day back, so I had to fish. Even though it was pouring, my friend and I went up to Evergreen. We parked at the dam and fished right by the stairs. I had one hit on either a worm or PB (using two hooks on the bottom) and when it stopped pouring around 6:00 I had a nice trout follow a Kastmaster to shore. My friend had didn't get a bite.

A guy fishing for muskie hiked the whole lake and back to us while we were there and said he onl had one muskie follow his lure. He says he usually has good luck.

The fishing wasn't good, but it was nice to fish back in Colorado after two weeks.

I don't know where, but I am going fishing tomorrow morning. I'll report tomorrow night.

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Nice report Mustang. 3 people fishing, one bite, 2 follows, no fish.  :(  I'm still going there Monday.  :D Did you happen to see what the guy was using for Muskie there?

Good Luck tomarrow!

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the guy was using a rainbow pattern swimbait, a buzzbait, and some other stuff i didn't see

as far as i know the paddle boats are still usable
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