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Got a LATE start this am, hit the water at 0950...water temps were 48 and then ranged as high as 54 thru 1pm...trolled a Mepps #3 and a Cycops on the way out to the small rainbow....

Fished the dam and far shore with tubers for an hour or so...nothing, switched back to trolling Rapalas, Mepps, Feathers etc...nothing

Around noon, switched to a Tasmanian Devil, five nice sized rainbows, switched the other rod to TD and boated 5 more....

Fish were hitting surface flys as well..

Bunch of folks fishing the shore....didn't see anyone land a thing...

The fish finder was showing activity top and bottom with good sized schools from 10ft down

Tight lines
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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