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Fished Evergreen this morning. Only a few other guys out on the ice. We were fairly close to shore standing on 5" of white (cloudy?) ice. I'm not sure of the terminology! Make sure you have a spud bar. I was poking around and venturing further from shore when it went from 4" to under 2" in less than 10 feet.

We were fishing in 6-12 FOW.

The ice was very vocal! Lots of cracks and for a while it was sounded like a dog barking or something strange.

At one point we heard a deep loud BOOM and immediately felt a rush of wind that felt like a blast from an explosion! The other group next to us saw us visibly concerned and they assured us the noises were fairly normal. It was wild!

This was our first time ice fishing. Thanks for all the advice, we had a blast catching dinks!

Lol that was me and my bros! Glad y'all did well! Ice was singing a bit... We had blue skies to a full on blizzard within the two hours or so of fishing!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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