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I mentioned that Evergreen Lake was capped and had some guys fishing it earlier this week. Since I am at my parents' for Thanksgiving, I decided to go over and check it out really quick. It's only about ten minutes away from here so it's a cool place to ice for an hour or two when im in the area and don't have the time to drive somewhere better. Nothing big but lots of action so it's also a good spot for taking the kids. The ice has definitely worsened since my post and isn't fishable. It wouldn't be possible to walk out to where the guys were fishing before. There's a decent opening at the inlet and the quality of the ice away from the inlet is bad. I did a little probing and its really slushy. I figured I'd take a couple pics while I was there. I've been fishing some spots down the hill lately and have been doing ok numbers-wise but no bigguns so I'll probably head out after dinner and see what's going on. In the mean time, I'll probably shoot my bow until dinner is ready. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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