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Went up to Evergreen again this AM. That lake is fishing pretty good for stocker trout right now. Could not get any cutbows today. We caught 5 or 6 bows and missed a few more. Lots of action. My wife caught a pretty nice bow that went almost 17 inches and was really fat. The rest were in the 13-15 range. Fun morning. Kept a few for the grill today.

Oh, and I saw a Tiger cruising the shore. We had been set up for about 10 minutes when I looked down and saw it- probably about 24 inches or so. I tied on a fire tiger husky jerk and got the fish to take a pretty good look at it. Of course I am freaking out the entire time (this was the first time I have seen a tiger in the water…) but I view that as a fish you might catch once or twice in your lifetime. Then on the 3rd time by and the tiger turned and followed my bait. A vision of that thing on the end of my line flashed through my mind. But....although it seemed interested I could not get it to hook up. It was fun though- beautiful fish.
Not a bad morning on the water.
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