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Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it!!!

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Whether normal or not, the earlier forecasts of temperature for this week had us in the mid-40's till Friday. Now, this is what the Rky Mtn News says:

Wednesday 56, Thursday 57, Friday 57, Sat 60, Sunday 62!

This has tremendous portents for melting ice off reservoirs.

Also in the Rky today, an article about February 05 being the second driest in CO history, with only .02" precipitation, as compared to a normal 6.3"

Still, it's not the end of the world for us, providing March & April yield a little more moisture. I'm still waiting for a huge snowstorm to hit this spring, since my intuition began telling me to expect it last fall. The Great OZ knows ALL.....(sorta!)

At any rate, the water is going to be warming up. Maybe someone can provide us with a good link to a website with specific data on snowpack etc?

I find it handy to keep track of windspeed predictions for each and every day I intend to fish. Anyone with a gas powered motor or just bank fishing, could care less. But with a tube or an electric MinnKota, I gotta know if the wind is going over 10 mph. I have to track the wind by the weather report of the nearest city, which makes it a rough estimate sometimes.
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That is the colorado snow survey site, we had alot of snow in the high country this year so run off is going to be good.
Monitors the river and stream flows so you can see how much water is running from reservoir to reservoir.
This is Colorado and it wont be done snowing until the trees start budding, then it will do one more big ole snow/ice storm freeze everything and then it should be all good.
You and me both, want to target some warm water species, not that I have anything against trout but I like fighting something different every now and again.
Think I'm hitting up that fly fishing seminar one of the days this weekend and the woman would be upset if I went fishing the other day. But I'll keep it in mind for a following weekend or a march work holiday I have to figure out when I'm taking. (there are no holidays in march so I have to take a day or two off cant work a whole month you know)
Haha it snowed in Colorado Springs Wednseday night enough to cover the ground, then was completly melted by 10:00am because it was like 50+ degrees. I'm just warning dont get your hopes set to high mother nature is already threatening with the snow.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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