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Good day all,
Figured that I would get some straight shooters here. I am selling a 1988 Harley-Davidson FXRS-SP Lowrider Sport that has been fully customized.

Sell $4,500 cash or Trade value $5,000.
80ci, (1340cc) Evo motor
5 speed tranny
15K miles
Clean title

Custom work:
Custom paint: $3k
Powder coating: $1K
Custom Parts: $2K
Wheels and Tires: $1K
Labor: $1K

New Parts:
Tires are brand new <1K miles
New Seat
New bars
New paint
New pipes
New voltage regulator Brand new
New Clutch cable
New plugs Brand new
New Battery Brand new
New grips
New pegs

the starter solenoid looked at. It starts, but not always making a clean connection
The carburetor rebuilt or cleaned. Runs, but runs a little lean
Front fork seals
Oil change
Primary fluid flush
front turn signals

Here is the deal: I am just tired of putting money in it. It is a 25 year old bike. Most of the parts are new, but it is an 80's Harley...There is always something that can be replaced. It runs good, and rides nice. She is wicked fast and is very reliable. It needs a few things to be a perfect daily rider, but they are all minor. She has low miles for the year.

This bike just needs someone to ride it, and fix a few minor issues. I am just tired of doing the work. I have owned it since 2003. I am the second owner, and have loved and cred for this bike.

Items to trade:

OFF-Road/ Pick ups:
TJ wrangler
Offroad ready Jeep Comanche
4X4 chevy 67-72
4x4 diesel truck

Trans AM
Muscle Car
Hot Rod
Street Rod
Newer BMW
Newer Mercedes

Boats: (Must be newer >16")
Deep V

PLEASE NO JUNK... If it does not fit the above categories, chances are I am not interested, but its OK to ask. Email me or PM me with your offers and questions. I am located in Southern Colorado.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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