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What a day tried everything nothing worked caught one trout 1.05lbs don't even know if it placed by the time we got of the lake everyone was gone. Started off the day with the trolling motor burning up. then ended the day with a two hour wait at the great chatfield boat ramps. Then found out somebody hit my trailor and broke the taillight and licence plate braket. This was my first tourney and it was horrible. I do have to say I had a great time with Capthook. Just wish Gander and the CWA would have waited for everyone to get off the lake so we could have heard who won.

Trailer light = 130.00
Trolling Motor=500.00
2hr wait at the ramp= don't get me started
One 1.05lb trout=not priceless

Good thing is the wife said she is taking me to Williams Fork for some pike in the morning. Can't wait.

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Was at least an hour and a half after the tournament ended before the presentation of checks was done in the parking lot. I was one of the last tournament boats off the lake and I still waited around awhile before this occured. It was about a 45 minute wait at the boat ramp.

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Sorry to hear about your misfortunes and that you missed the check hand outs. The results are below. Thanks for fishing our tournament and we hope to see you on the water next year.

1st Member 2nd Member Weight
Eugene Metschke Donald Broeren 4.34
Ricardo Baca Rich Devorch 2.81
Jack Blair Jim Longmeuier 2.43
Antonio Cabral Justin Rehfeld 2.18
Justin Jones Dominic Principato 2.07
Erik Wysock Bob Gehringer 2.01
Ken White Jetty White 1.94
Don Seiler Dale Blake 1.87
Allan Yetter Lynette Yetter 1.51
Justin Shelafo Jeremy Bresina 1.42
Barry Claassen Bob Scott 1.23
Eric Linnebur John Deasy 1.14
Michael Latimer Mindy Latimer 1.13
Henry Ford Kevin Lewis 1.05
Johnny Hall Gina Sterner 0.74
Corie Staab Jared Staab 0.69
Glenn O'Connor Vinay Khiem 0.63
Gregory White Beau Meyers 0.62
Paul Economakos Jason Kielar -
Scott Hinton Michael Hinton -
David Holland Joe Ackerman -
Scott Wanzek Mark Cardillo -
Craig Hale Terri Bridges-Hale -
Steven Spock Bob Schafer -
Mike Hammer Dixie Hammer -
Rob Hyde Nicole Hyde -
M. Carl Miller Clayton Joyner -
Larry Schaal Drew Davis -
Mark Zarris Amy Neuschwanger -
Kevin Werre Alissa Werre -

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setthehook thanks that was cool of you to put that up. I will be out there next year I won't write this off because of a bad day just needed to vent. GMCO you were not the last one off that lake everyone was gone when we pulled in but that does not matter. Thanks to all that took the time to put this on. I really want to join other tournies I was considering joining the CWA. Have a great day all.
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