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Fall Crappies

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I was wondering if anyone has been to brush hollow lately is there any cover still under water, I wanted to try for some fall crappies. For that matter anyone been there since the firewood clean up? Did they leave any cover?
If not is there any other lakes that have a good crappie population, good cover, and a shad population that they would be feeding on?
I've only caught 1 Crappie this year and was thinking I should try to catch a mess of them while they are feeding, getting ready for the ice.
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ive been wondering the same thing. I will probably make the trip soon down there. I was killing some time at Quail lake before heading home, and the guy on the dock (farther dock from parking lot) with me was catching small crappie. He was using a white tube jig about 1.5 inches under a bubble. It was about 5 feet under the bubble. Not real big but he was catching them
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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