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Fall River Res. 8/19

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A buddy and I wanted to try some new alpine lakes and heard James Peak Wilderness Area had some good lakes.Looked at the topo map and Fall River Res. looked to be the largest and easiest to access.Started fishing the lake with lures(kasties,roostertails,mepps,etc.) with no luck.The wind had died down and started to see some risers.Threw on the bubble with an elk hair caddis and first cast i caught a 12" cutt.The next couple of hours were steady action.We used several kinds of drys an a haresear nymph.Ended up landing 5 cutts(10-12") and a 14" fat rainbow.I had atleast 6 more get off and one broke my line and swam away with my fly AND bubble!Luckly a had a backup!My buddy was having equipment problems and ended up only landing one cutt.Great day and i'll be up there again soon.

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From the dam if you walk to the left around the shoreline you have to cross several feeder strems...after getting skunked on the lake fished the feeder streams and caught some nice red cutts...


where you the only ones up there or were there other fishersmen / hikers. Also how was the road on the way up for you?

TH,there were several trucks up there,but only two guys fishin.That is the easiest access to a 10,000ft lake that ive been to.Usually i have to hike 4 plus miles to get scenery like that.The road was a little rough but nothin too bad.There is two lakes above Fall River that have splake in them.Next time i think i'll try those with tube jigs.As we were leaving there were people setting up camp and a couple of cars heading up with canoes.What kind of cutts do you think those are?Just curious.

I dont know we caught some that I think were Snake River but dont quote me on that and they were red on the belly like non other I have caught...beautiful fish cutthroats are I know you would agree...

Man wish I could have went with you I love that lake...

it flies and lures only?
or live bait and power bait ok?
can a honda get up there or do i need 4x4?
I believe bait is ok,but im not 100% sure.Its a pretty rough road for a car.A lot of rocks and some deep dips.I guess you could park somewhere and walk up,its only 1 to 2 miles to the lake.Great place to be when its 85 deg down here its 75 up there.
sweet, i will bring a truck and all my fishin stuff.
what side of the lake u do best on?
u fish the chins lake at all?
Ok,here is the secret,fish by the inlet!!!Tons of fish rising and seems to be where they are concentrated.As far as chinns,we fished it for a short time with out a hit but this guy was walking out and said he caught 4 (sign up there says 2 splake over 16") but thought they were brookies.Upper lakes road is a bit tougher.Good luck and post how you do.

cool and thanks.

will post and let ya know.
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