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So, on the final day of my trip to Kansas (I know you are probably getting sick of these out of state reports, but I had to break them up) my nephew says "I want to go fishing". My sister'n'law says why don't you fish the pond on the other side of the hedge-row? I don't know if there are any fish in it but the experience would still be good for him. My ears lit up; I have been to this house many times and never new about this "pond". It is literally 200 yards from their house but I never saw it as it's on the other side of a thick hedge-row. I was getting super excited as everything else I had fished this trip was very productive. So my niece, nephew, boy, and I headed out.

The moment we got thru the hedge-row and jumped the fence I saw something shimmer in a branch over the lake and thought, someone lost a lure in that tree - there are fish in there. I almost started running, lol.

First cast, fish on!

The kids took turns reeling em in.

Then we hooked a huge fish! I tried, but with the ultra light and 6lb test I broke her off. I could not keep her out of the timber and the line cut on a log. By now the kids were more interested in playing with dirt and sticks so I got after it and caught some of the biggest bass I have ever caught. Then, as the sun got lower in the sky the cats came out to play and boy did they play. It was a hell of a time keeping them out of the timber with the ultra light. I broke a few big, big fish off, a few were bass which had to be #7/#8. This is the only time in the last two years I wish I had a heavier rod - only time in the last two years I fished timber.

I could not believe this pond had been there this whole time and I never knew about it. I think we will be visiting that side of the family more often now.
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