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Favorite fish recepie

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i just recently caught some bows the other day and was tired of cooking them either by frying them or BBQ so i treied a couple of recepies form the DOW website and let me tell you it was GOOD ;D treid the trout dip and the trout cakes. Just wondering if any of you guys or gals had any good recepies for fish trout, bass,eyes,cats etc....
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Get a roasted green pepper. Wrap it around a piece of cooked fish (any works) plus a piece of cheese.bake in teh oven until everything is warm adn fully cooked. Dont really taste the fish but texture is amazing.
Also take whole lemons and cut off one end (just enough to leave a one inch hole) Squeeze out the juice and try to clean out the inside leaving some for flavor. Stuff with spices, fresh herbs, salt, along with several 1 inch chunks of salmon. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to a teaspoon of water and pour this in. Rotate constantly cooking on medium temp grill until tempautre probe reads teh fish temp. Experiment a little. We havent gotten this recipe down perfectly or i would have better insrtuctions. Make sure to stuff a lot of fish in there so teh lemon taste isnt overpowering. Removing the guts of teh lemon helps this. We are also trying to find a good way to close up teh end so the meat would steam but havent been to successful.
Wiht catfish fillets, rub cold fillets down with cold stick of butter before adding batter for frying. A little crispier but dont put too much butter or the fried batter doesnt stick.
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