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Favorite place to fish outside Colorado?

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I was just wondering what everyone's favorite place to fish outside Colorado was.  I enjoy going to the BWCA (boundry waters canoe area) in Minnesota.  Its like taking a trip back in time everytime I go, no motorized boats allowed canoes only.  Very few people to run into tons of wildlife and GREAT FISHING. 

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:( To be honest, the only place i have fished outside of Colorado was in Kansas, when i was a little. We lived out in the country and had 3 ponds that sat behind our house in a huge pasture, and i would try fishing there with a string on a stick. LOL! We would go frog hunting at night though and have fried frog legs. We went to some other local ponds to fish but all i ever caught were little perch. My son is a Kansas fisherman, and he is into catching those monster flatheads and catfish. I think the largest one so far that he caught was 49 pounds. I find it sorta odd that that is what i catch the most here, catfish, like they navigate to my line for some strange reason. I remember going fishing with my grandpa up in Wray Colorado at some reservoir up there, and also catching big turtles with him from a river, and he would cook the turtle. I would bury the turtle eggs in the yard if a turtle had them in them, thinking i would grow baby turtles. Well guess what? It never worked. Ha!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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