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Favorite place to fish outside Colorado?

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I was just wondering what everyone's favorite place to fish outside Colorado was.  I enjoy going to the BWCA (boundry waters canoe area) in Minnesota.  Its like taking a trip back in time everytime I go, no motorized boats allowed canoes only.  Very few people to run into tons of wildlife and GREAT FISHING. 

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Lots of great places...mine too is northern Minnesota...I like my creature comforts and havent done the BWCA in northern Minnesota in awhile...I do like to fish lake Kabetogama on west boundary of BWCA...a 100,000 acre lake that is full of islands and bays so plenty of wind blockage so you can always find a calm spot...loaded with walleyes, northerns, perch, bass, and some crappies...slot limit on you also catch a lot most of the time...have to put a wire on your minnow trolling bucket...the otters have discovered how to turn the latch and have a convenient dinner...the little buggers...beautiful animals and fun to watch...and they fish better than any of us!...I love September up there...the crowds have cleared out...days are warm and nights cool off...the big walleyes are putting on the feed bag...nothing like the cry of a loon...I started going to that lake about 10 years a guide for the first time ever...had saw an article in a Duluth newspaper about a gentleman (Lavern Oveson) who had been guiding on "Kab" since he was that time he was around was incredible...the guy could catch fish and his pole or line wouldnt move...he just knew there was a walleye there...I used him lastt two years ago...he was only guiding parttime...even if you didnt catch fish the stories and the knowledge was worth the price of admission...him talking about model T's that had went through the ice and how if he was really lucky when he first started out if he could take a party out in the morning and get them their limit and make $5 and do it again in the afternoon...rowing a boat around a 100,000 acre lake...he is about 5 feet tall and a 110 pounds with rocks in his pockets as an adult...he is a 100% American Jewel...absolutely priceless...I hope when he goes he is on the water...I have always thought that the take a kid fishing program was a great thing but have always wanted to start a "take a senior" fishing...old guys cooped up in nursing homes who would love to get out...I have always wondered if an assisted care living center would work with you in taking some seniors out on Aurora or if the liability would be too great...starting to ramble...
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I read someplace where the division of wildlife has put two stockings of Flatheads in Pueblo...the current state record is like 2 pounds 9 ounces...a snack for the one your son caught!
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