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Favorite place to shop

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Just curious what everybody thinks. I think my favorite right now is sportsmans warehouse Great prices and they usually stock everything I need. I keep finding them to be less expensive than bass pro.
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I've mail order shopped Cabela's & Bass Pro for years. Then Sportsmen's & Gander showed up. When they open the Denver Cabela's we will be totally perplexed-so many choices, so little time and money-what a delightful dilema! I may have to quit working so I have enough time to peruse all those venues, but then I won't have any money to buy anything. And I thought it was bad when I was young and had to decide between Dave Cooks & Gart Bros. Just thank your lucky stars that we have such a HUGE variety to choose from. What one doesn't have, another does and having so much competition keeps all of them honest price wise. I think I've died and gone to Heaven.
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