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Favorite trout and slamon recipe

Teriyaki Marinated Salmon with Honey Habanero Glaze

(for a 2-3 pound fillet)

1 Cup soy sauce
¾ Cup golden brown sugar
1Tbsp. minced fresh garlic
1 tsp. grated ginger
1 tsp. course ground pepper
Set aside 1 ½ Tbsp. of this marinade for the glaze

1 ½ Tbsp. reserved marinade
1 ½ Tbsp. honey
¼ to ½ tsp. crushed habanero peppers
½ tsp. Fresh lemon or lime juice (optional)
1 Tbsp. melted butter (optional)

? Combine the marinating ingredients in a shallow stainless steel, Pyrex or ceramic pan. Choose a pan that is just slightly larger than your fillet.
? Score the salmon diagonally every two inches to within ¼ in of the skin.
? Place the fillet flesh side down in the pan then turn it over. Ladle more marinade on top and into the scores and marinate for 2-4 hour, longer if your salmon is from a large king. Continue to ladling more marinade over the fish every 20 minutes or so. Be sure to keep your salmon refrigerated until ready to cook.
? Prepare your grill. Place the salmon fillet in a metal fish basket or other metal rack that encloses your fillet and place it skin side down on the grill. When it looks like it is cooked about half way through, turn it over and continue cooking until it is nicely browned. Open the basket and turn it onto an oven-proof serving platter and brush or drizzle the honey habanero glaze on the top of the salmon. If the fillet isn?t done in the center, you can finish it in a 300F degree oven. Be sure to check it frequently so it doesn?t become over-cooked and dry at the center.
? If you aren?t accustomed to hot habanero peppers you can omit them or use a milder pepper in the glaze.

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I find that simple recipes to be most tasty. These are what I use

trout/salmon grill
note: trout and salmon have a lot of unsaturated fatty acids that are prone to oxidation if you allow them to stay warm (65 degrees F or over) after they are dead. The longer they stay warm, the worse the taste. If bled and cleaned well right after death, and cooled quickly, they are generally very delicious. Too many people try to treat them like less fatty fish, and allow them to stay too warm before cleaning, and dislike trout/salmon as a result (especially trout). The big secret to any trout recipe is fresh, cold flesh.

Rub fillets a little bit of salt and then grill fresh
Marinated for 1 hour in fridge, then basted once near end of grilling, with ginger teriyaki sauce (can usually buy ginger teriyaki sauce at grocery stores). Grill fillets meat-side down for 5 min. first for attractive grill marks, then flip, grill skin side down for 5-10 more min, basting once with sauce. Easy and tasty. The same is true for less fatty fish to a lesser degree.


Grilled or broiled fresh, or with lemon squeezed on top, basted with melted butter, and salted/peppered lightly.

Large fillets - lemon, butter, salt/pepper like walleye and grill/broil
Smaller fillets or pieces - Dipped in beaten egg with splash of milk, and breaded with breadcrumb/cornmeal mixture with enough spiced added so you can really taste it in the dry breading, then fry (deep frying not necessary).


Same methods as welleye, or bread and fry like catfish

Big Crappie

Rub pickling salt into fillets and let sit in fridge for 2 hours (to firm up the flesh), then grill on foil with lemon, butter, salt/pepper.

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I've been on a bit of a "Blackening" kick lately. I just rub whatever type of fish I'm eating with olive oil and sprinkle blackening season on both sides and grill. Served with your favorite rice and you've got yourself a great meal.

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I'll give you guys taste of Asian cuisine.

Steamed Crappie

3-4 scaled crappies whole
2 bundles of green onion
1/2 white onion
handfull of cilantro
handfull of  basil
1 lemon grass stick (finely minced)
grated lemon seeds
3-4 Thai peppers (minced)
1 tsp salt
1 tsp  black pepper

Place two layers foil into a bowl (big enough to fit the fish)
Place the crappie into foil
Throw your chopped chives in (after it's been well mixed)
Salt and pepper next
Now mix entire bowl
Fold your foil up into a look alike Hershy Kissis
Place foil over some steamed water (you can use boiling pot of water under a metal strainer on top)
Steam for 45 minutes and she's good  to go with some steamy rice

For the new taste buds out there.

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My favorite is the plain ole "beer batter" mix that you get from the store.

Buy one box of it and a six pack of beer. Stir one beer in with the mix coat the fish and fry it up.....

The best part is that you still have 5 beers left to enjoy while you are cooking...... ;)


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Trout Fillets
2-6 Fillets
1 stick butter
1 cup white wine
2 apples peeled and sliced
Salt and pepper to taste
Lemon wedge
This is simple and good. Place the butter, apples and wine in a large skillet and saute' until apples are soft. Add the fish fillets and simmer covered until fish flakes.
Serve with a nice Ceasar Salad and the rest of the wine, if there's any left. If not buy another bottle and enjoy.

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for trout i like to take some butter put inside fish then season with garlic salt and pepper in side and out roll it up and throw on the grill. for catfish i like getting italian bread crumbs . first you dip the fillets in egg and then roll in the crumbs then bake them in oven 350 about 15 minutes

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Here's a recipe I used with catfish, I think it'd work ok with other fish too though. Oh I don't use exact measurements, sorry, just use your common sense:

appx 1 tsp:
cayenne pepper
garlic powder
dash of salt

crush a couple of cups of cheese crackers like cheez-its or goldfish, amt depends on how much fish you're cooking

a lil flour
egg wash, like one egg with some water

mix spices with the cheese cracker pieces

take the fish fillets and dry them off, lightly coat in the flour, and let rest in the fridge for a few minutes 5-10, you just don't want it all soggy and gross, just to firm up a bit
coat with the egg and then coat with the cracker mixture.

Place these in a baking dish and bake at around 325, I don't have a particular time of course thickness of fillets and such affects that too. I like to check mine around 25 minutes or so, just don't over bake or it'll be dry. It came out really good too, only problem was that catfish turned out to be one of those really really fishy kind, but we really didn't have a tank of freshwater for it to sit in for a week to clean out that flavor from its gills. Oh well, just the luck of the draw there.

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oh sorry I forgot to mention to alter spices according to your tastes, I usually put more like nearly 2 tablespoons of the cayenne pepper since we like a lot of spicey food, you could also add onion powder or whatever, just use your imagination.
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