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What is your favorite species to fish for in Colorado?

  • Rainbow Trout

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  • Walleye

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  • Wiper

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  • Tiger Muskie

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  • Largemouth Bass

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  • Smallmouth Bass

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  • Yellow Perch

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  • Crappie

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  • Northern Pike

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  • Kokanee Salmon

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  • Brook Trout

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  • Cutthroat Trout

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  • Bluegill

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  • White Bass

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  • Channel Catfish

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  • Carp

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  • No favorite

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Favorite species

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This should be interesting!
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Bass Of Course! Largemouth...Smallmouth...and Spotted Bass! :) And the pursuit to locate them makes it even more fun!
<--- he better start doing better next season!  :-\
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I personally like to catch whatever I can but if I had to choose bass of any kind will do for me... ;D
Navajo Res. has big cats. I have caught 13-15 pounders and have seen larger.You can catch bullheads about 10 to 13 inches.
Personally, whatever bites and makes for a fun excursion. I have targeted bass my entire life and will keep doing so. But, ever since I met my wife she has me hooked on cats. I just love the 'life' of fishing and on whatever means it takes to get that ever elusive monster. Hence Koldkut's ability to get me into fly fishing. Using a fly brings about a new world of fishing and I'm hooked.
brown trout all the way. but some good warm water species evey now and then is agreat changge of pace!!!
It's hard to beat the scenic surroundings where trout are caught. There's nothing better than trolling flies in a lake from a float tube. A floating easy chair. Then you top it off with a mess of orange meated fillets covered it a cajun mix sizzling in the pan for breakfast the next morning. Hard to beat the fight of a nice bluegill. Wish there were more in this state. Also hard to beat a mess of bluegill fillets right out of the frying pan.
Im a largemouth bass fisherman but when Im in Colorado, I only bring my panther martins and pistol petes and its Brook trout time!
Kokanee are my favorit followed by brown trout then bows. For frsh water at least i just moved fron the coast so i also love salmon, halibut, stugeon, stripers, ling cod, rock cod, just to name a few. But still nothing beast all four line going off as you pass over a school of kokanee. You and your budy spilling beer trying to get all 4 fish to the boat and not have any pop off not tangle anything up yeah it's a blast.

put me down for walleye-imho nothing better!
Depends on the ime of year.

My dream year in fishing and hunting

-Ice fish front range lakes for anything
-Ice fish for trophy rainbows at Antero and 11-mile
-Flyfishing for trophy tailwater trout (Pan, Blue, S. Platte, etc.)
-Goose and Duck hunting
-Oregon winter steelhead

-More ice fishing
-More tailwater

-flyfish for pre-spawn rainbows and cutts
-Nebraska archery turkeys
-Idaho Steelhead
-BWO's on S. Platte

-ice out on South Park lakes for trout
-Colorado turkeys
-Nebraska and Kansas turkeys

-Warm water action on front range lakes
-Stillwater fishing on South park lakes (callabaetis)
-Pike fishing
-carp on a fly
-Henry's Fork and Madison salmonfly hatch

-Catfish and walleye
-South Park stillwaters (callabaetis and damsels)
-Carp on a fly

-Night fishing catfish and walleye
-Green Drakes and PMDs on Fryingpan and Roaring Fork
-Highcountry small stream dry flies

-highcountry small stream dry flies
-night foishing for catfish

-Dove hunting
-Archery Elk and deer
-Browns in South Park

-Oregon Fall Chinook
-duck hunting

- Kansas and S. Dakota pheasant hunting
-duck and goose hunting
-Dream Stream Kokes
-Fall turkeys

-Antero ice fishing
-duck and goose hunting
-Oregon winter steelhead
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how about D all the above. ;D as long as it swims i'll fish for anything
Does anybody think walleye are kind of an overatted fish? Ya, they taste good and can get to be pretty big, but they do not fight much. I caught a 10 pound eye out of Boulder res once and brought it right in with no problem, it was like I was reeling in a wet towel. ???
Without a doubt...nothing beats the savage slashing strike of a pike on a fly or lure in shallow water!
Pike has got to be the best. I take a trip once a year to Canada to fish for pike. This year I caught a 40 inched that took forever to get in the boat. Biggest fish I ever caught.
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