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favorite way to fish

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top water lures,jerk baits, deep divers, jigs spinners, spoons, fly or bait
what is your favorite way to fish?
I personally think there is nothing better than top water on calm day when the water is calm as can be there is alittle ripple from your lure, then BAM the water expludes as that fish busts through it.
My opion whats yours?
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Being's as I am confined basically to shore fishing, and I'm sort of a newbie to it I don't know a lot about the leurs and top water fishing. I just fish the way i was taught when i was a kid, and thats with a baited hook, toss it out and sit back and wait. Patience is a key to it, which i seem to have a lot of that, and it does pay off.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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