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I have been a dedicated die hard felt sole fan for many years. They aren't a guarantee you won't bust your butt but they will allow you to move about the river in a somewhat safe manner.

Here is an idea of how to extend the life of your felt soles and to add a little traction. There are a number of styles of soles with various types of studs or other devices to help with traction but this is an economical and easy way to have studded felt soles.

This is an older style wading shoe without interchangeable soles. I use #8 or #10 steel, pan head, phillips head screws. I attach them in the high wear areas in the pattern you see except I usually have four in the center in a cross pattern. For the non-heel section, use 1/2" length screws but for the heel, you can use 1" screws. Don't use longer screws than 1/2" because you don't want them protruding in the inside the boot and don't cover the entire sole - you will bust your butt for sure. I've never had a screw come out of the felt.

You can use aluminum screws, which will give you better gripping but they wear out quicker. This method is so good, your boots will probably wear out before the screws wear out. I've not resoled boots in maybe 25 years or more but I have replaced boots because they wore out.


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