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I need help selecting a new rod. With all of the options out there and little ability to test any of them I am hoping you guys might be able to help.

application - 1/2oz blade baits (ie lazer blades, thin fishers, heddons) cast out and retrieved, popping along the bottom.

From what I can tell these are the top poles for this application (please shoot this down if you don't agree). I say this because they are rated for up to 1/2oz, are XF, and probably the right length for this type of fishing.

Does anyone have any experience with these poles? Can anyone juxtapose these?

St Croix Avid AVS69MLXF 6'9" Medium Light Extra Fast $200

Fenwick Elite Walleye ETW69MLXFS 6'9" Medium Light Extra Fast $150

*is the Avid worth an extra $50?

I am also looking at these which are fast - will "fast'' make a huge difference for the blade bait technique? Or will I be able to get by with "fast" and have more of a universal pole good for crank's etc.? Also, will the longer length affect blades too much?

GLoomis Classic Spin Jig E6X902SSJR 7'6" Medium Fast $200
GLoomis IMX PR842S IMX 7' Medium light Fast $285

Finally, I have seen a lot about Dobyns and Powell poles - can anyone speak to these as good poles?
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