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As promised, now that I have a new truck I will start getting more involved in making fishing reports. This is my first report - well actually my second but I don't really count the first as it was more of a trial run allowing my spousal unit to take several worms for swimming lessons while I hiked with the two pups. Drove up to Buckhorn Lakes just south of Montrose in Hi-Ho Silver (Silver Silverado so sounded like a good name for the truck). Hey I am an old timer and grew up watching the Lone Ranger, Rin Tin Tin and I Dream of Jeanie. (Don't think the wife would take to me calling the truck Jeanie so Hi Ho Silver will have to do for now.)

Took SS Pontoony (did I mention I have a penchant for naming things) up to Miramonte Lake which is south of Norwood and north of Lone Cone Mt in western Colorado. Really nice not having to pull the various parts out of my Honda Civic to put the pontoon together spending valuable fishing time putting tab A in slot B then attaching strap G around tube Q. Pulling the already assembled pontoon (SS Pontoony) out of the back of the truck and getting right on the water was a very welcome change.

Weather was slightly cloudy with some light wind and a few dribbles early then tapered off till around 1:30 when storm clouds rolled in. Water temperature was a pretty constant 68 degrees. Spent time trolling along the north shore with my trusty flyrod. Since I don't have all the super duper high-tech equipment like Terrova, Bossa Nova, Sharpova, or whatever it is you guys use, I stuck with my low tech Hummingbird Fishing Buddy 120. Hey, it finds weed beds, tells me the temperature, and even chirps when it finds a fish. It doesn't do spot lock, but then I-pilot it so I guess it counts as self help fish finder technology.

Now for the fish. I caught a 42 inch trout. Or maybe that was 42 inches of trout, six inches at at time. I don't know, it all happened so fast. It was all such a blur. Have to admit there's a ton of them 6 - 7 inch goobers in the lake. Several of them put on quite a show. Two inches out of the water with several back flips and even a half twist for good measure. Probably could have gotten a good score in a fish Olympics event. Did have success with two really nice fish though. One fat 17 inch rainbow and then another even larger fish. The stripping apron on the pontoon has an 18 inch measure on it. The second fish was over the 18 inch mark so I'll just call it 19 and leave it at that.

Not a bad day all in all. Got to use the new truck for the real purpose I got it for. Caught fish, and didn't get zapped by lightning. What more could you ask for. By the way - the fish are quite healthy. I am actually quite surprise there are some really nice fish still in the lake after CDOW poisoned it a couple of years ago to deplete the smallmouth that were (and maybe still are) in the lake.

Since this was my real first trip out I obviously forgot several items in my rush to get out of the house - namely my camera. Which, actually may not be a problem as I probably need training on how to post pictures anyway. I am sure I can figure it out with some supervision from the local second graders who live across the street. Just have to break them out of school without their teacher becoming wise.

Further adventures to come. Fishing reports to follow.
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