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After getting skunked at the N. Catamount I decided to try Pike View for about a half an hour.  I started throwing small lures with no luck since the water level has really dropped so I switched to larger lures.  The first one I threw was a 1/4 oz red and yellow panther martin.  On the second cast I hooked a 27" muskie out from the brush pile on the dam.  I got him to shore but before I could get a picture, he flipped a couple times and snapped my line.  He was so skinny, I thought it was an eel when he first came up.  However, it was a muskie so they are in there.
I retied my line and put on a 1/4 oz perch kastmaster and threw it back out in the area where I hooked the muskie.  The kastmaster had hardly hit the water when a cutbow hit it.  In the picture, it looks like the fish was hooked deep due to the blood you see but it was lip hooked with all three treble hooks in it's mouth.  I took the picture and released it and it had no problem swimming away.

What a good way to end the skunk for the day.
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