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fish mounts

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I just got my first fish mounted . what do you guys think looks better the fiberglass replica's , or using the actual skin
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fiberglass it lasts alot longer and looks fresher
I have a 9yr old skin mount of a tiger muskie looks great.
Don In Denver said:
As to which looks better, it all depends on the taxidermist.
Nothing is more true.
a good taxidermist is worth there wieght in gold and the price refelects that i saw some fish mounts of small fish (under 2') that cost couple thousand dollars on the net one was of a largemouth busting bait the guy had even mounted several shad and positioned everything to refelect the bass attacking the bait it looked really cool but way out of my price ill stick with the digi cam and letem go
cool i did get a skin mount .....this is the only largemouth ive ever kept. caught it at a private lake when i was showing my cousin the fish i dropped him straight down on his head from about 10 feet up . it was a good sized fish so instead of trying to eat him . i took him to almost alive tax. they are waiting on eyes it will be ready friday
fishinguitars said:
cool i did get a skin mount .....this is the only largemouth ive ever kept. it was a good sized fish ....
How big was it? Do you have any pics you could post?
I wish i had a fish I can mount.. Ive heard its pretty pricey for the whole fiberglass thing and just a few bucks for each inch on the regular mounting.. But maybe you should look into this.. Im not sure just heard.. But let us see your fish when its all done.

like 20 inches and real fat around 6lbs not a monster but a big bass for colorado .sorry no pics i dropped my camera in the water (again) and havent replaced it yet this year
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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