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Okay, so maybe some of you can help me organize and plan my upcoming season. My question is (since I'm only half-experienced in anything)...what fish do you go after first in the spring? What species next (and when)? After that, maybe that's going into about May and June, etc...

I know I want to fish for Pike & Tiger Muskies, no question about that, and I ought to be doing it already. Looks like some of you are already doing Walleyes, which I know next to nothing about, but I'm gonna try.

I will admit that I never have seemed interested in Lgmth Bass/Smallmouth, but I would love to catch Wipers, as they get so big. I do aim for larger fish of any species. I'd like to see when you all start catfishing etc. Any counsel on such matters?

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This is soley opinon based but here is my list
Feb - March Mackinaw
April ice-out Rainbows, Browns, Cutthroats
May - June Walleye
June - July hatchesTrout again
July - August Bass, catfish
September - OctoberTiger muskie
November - DecemberBack to trout

These is just a rough draft of what I want to fish and when,I dont follow it to a T as maybe I'll target walleye if I'm not catching Lakers or I fly fish alot of the hatches especially caddis and hopper hatch in which case I'm targetting trout again. If I'm ice fishing I'm usually targeting mackinaw but maybe I'll switch it up and got for perch or crappie. Probably do some bass and catfishing in June - July range. These are just when I think the fishing is better ect, if you follow spawn patterns you will do good too.

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From now to the end of march i will be night fishing for walleye or ice fishing.

In April and May I fish for walleye down here and hit the ice out bite at Spinney for huge trout.

May is a great month for warm water fishing usually! The last two weeks of May and the first two weeks of June are the best Pike fishing of the year up at South Park.

I usually grab my flyrod and fish rivers in July and August to escape the heat down here. I also fish Aurora and Quincy in the evenings for bass.

September is usually decent down here for warm water species.

October and November are big trout time up at South Park ;D

December is usually a dead time for me.

January thru March is ice fishing season ;D

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Heres my list:
now:walleye and trout.
April:Ice-out lakers and whatever else bites!
July:catfish and wipers
August:trout and cats and stripers at powell!
I'm sorry the list is not very precise,but the fish dont follow my lists very well.

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My schedule is very similar to the others I have seen posted.

Ice-on to Ice-off-(late december till?) Trout
Ice-off till May-Walleye and Trout
March till June/July-Wyper
June through October-Smallmouth
October till Ice-on, Trout and Walleye

Anytime I can find them Perch and Bluegill

May through September-Catfish

My schedule is subject to change with little or no notice depending on weather, water temp and what is known to be biting at any given location.

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