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what fish takes over lakes the worse

  • carp

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  • suckers

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  • sunfish

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fish ???????

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what do you guys think?
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when i was a kid fishing with my uncles it seemed like all the trout waters we went to where overrun with suckers(western slope). now that i have traveled from coast to coast and fished alot of places i believe it is carp. thoose things just taunt anglers i dont want to touch one but i love to catch them.
It really depends the the size of the lake and reservior.  IMO, smaller impoudments tends to get over run by the sunfishes.  Larger warmwater lakes/reservoirs is overpopulated by carp.  I'm not sure about cold water fisheries.
IMO- I think that perch over run mostwarm water lakes and ponds. They eat he eggs of larger fish. They eat the eggs/fry that hatch and are good but harder to eat for a meal. I have eaten alot of them! But find a pond with alot of them in it and you will find a few large catfish and Bass in it.
dont carp kill fry too? i voted for carp but hey with out them most places would be unfishable because of the vegitation, i think that they are unpleasant because they are butt ugly.
Well, here in Colorado I think it is the D.O.W.'s STOCKER RAINBOW TROUT !!! :eek: J/k
thats it the first time i got one it was a 5 min dileberation about how i was going to unhook him.
I asdked this question because when I was a little fisherman
I went to a lake in wy and I always cought walleye and perch i was also told there was sme large mouth in there
But now it is all CARP thay do fight hard and some people even here eat them but some times thay just over take lakes..
I say carp. Even though they do control the vegetation, they breed like cockroaches and eat up all the vegetation until the water becomes all black and murky. True they are ugly, but I don't mind catching one or touching one.
You go to any lake or pond along the front range and there are tons of carp. The DOW tries to fix the problem with muskie and pike. That said tells you carp are a problem.
Carp grow fast, stir up muck and breed prolifically.

theres a bunch of them every where, musky and pike control alot of them though.
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