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Been a while since I've posted any pictures...Just thought I would let some of my friends on here know I'm still fishin'

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Very impressive!!
The Dream stream lives upto its name. Nice looking fish.
Unreal FG!Your passion and relentlessness is still paying off.I think you've taken Slayers place as my hero.Great pics,you continue like that and you'll be writing books instead of articles.Nice

very nice! huge trout! Did you catch them on a fly rod or spinning?
Thanks Lynmack!!! ;D...Rad They were all caught on spinning gear!
wow those are some real nice fish fg
All I want for Christmas.... is to catch fish like Eric's  8)

Eric, those are some wicked nice fish, bet they put up a good fight!
that second to last fish was 8.5lbs and was all muscle!!! a smooth drag is a must when going after bigger fish...I had just coverted to P-line when I hooked into this fish and was a little skeptical about the strength. This fish tried to run me under a rock and I had not only the knot strength but also the power to keep him out from under those rocks. Kokaneeking thanks for speaking so highly of P-line it has gained my trust and is now on all my spinning gear. James that was the hardest fighting fish of the year!!! The trout in the dream stream are super charged! That fish is waiting in the dream stream for someone else to catch him...Thank God that section of river is catch and release....
Dam bro! Your 3lit3!!!!!

[me=Jay_In_Parker] [/me]
Nice Job, FG!

I remember when you first posted about putting that P-line on your rig. Looks like it's definitely being good to you! I'm still on the fence with it... it still has a lot of stretch that I'm not used to fishing with. However, I still have it on one of my rigs and looks like (after seeing your pics) that I'll keep it on for awhile longer ;) !
Dante my main line used to be Berkley extra tough....but I got tired of the memory...I'm not satisfied with the P-line completely but for certain situations its great....It would be a great leader for braided line....
Eric Great job!Another triumph at the Dream stream... Man those fish are nice...just hard to ponder that there are even bigger hogs in that stretch of river system.

Nice set of pictures, very impressive ;)
Dream Stream is easy- ;D ;D ;D
WOW! are those little guys bait? ;D very nice fish man very impressive.

Tight Lines and Bent Lines
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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