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Fishfinder: Do I need it?

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Give me some ideas please. Has a fishfinder made a significant difference for you? Is it worth it? Are there times when it doesn't help you at all?

Does even the least expensive model give all the info I need? Depth of fish? Water Temp? What else? Will a fishfinder work in shallow water....say.....5' deep? Does it have certain limitations?

I don't know anything about this stuff.
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Sonar is the most valuable tool you can have in the boat. A quality unit will show you depth, structure, thermoclines, and fish. How else are you going to know what's under you? Here is a link to a Lowrance tutorial that should help you realize the potential of sonar.
If any of you are looking to get a new fishfinder stop in and see me or Scott Cover at Gander Mountain in Aurora.   
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