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Saturday/ Sunday 2-2 / 2-3

When fishing for freshwater bass, remember that they are nearsighted and depend heavily on smell and sound to locate food.

Monday 2-4

Landlocked salmon, which have become increasingly popular as gamefish, are being introduced into many more lakes each year. These great fighters are basically identical to the Atlantic salmon except that they spen their entire lives in fresh water.
Look for these fish in Shallowwater in the spring and at depths between 30 to 60 feet in the hot smmer months. Natural baits - large shiners and minnows - work well. Good artificial baits include flies in streamer and bucktail patterns.

Have a great week everyone.

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I'll add,

fish become accustoned to living in their environment,,

fish that live predominately in clear water (like most in Colorado), will rely more on sight than fish that live predominately in stained water (like most in Kansas). Fish that live more in stained water become more dependent on other senses than sight.

so to incorporate that into fishing, remember that predominately stained lakes will require louder baits that displace more water (wider wobble) and have a brighter color (color being of less importance). Fishing predominately clear water lakes, use a bait that is more natural colored (color is more important), not as loud and displaces less water.

Generally speaking, sometimes, except when you need to do something else then it's all different. ;D
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