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Fishing 4/15/16

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Just got back from hitting a local spot. After a long day of school I was ready for some fishing. It rained for a bit but didn't last long. Ideally I wanted a walleye but I knew a decent trout was possible so I kept that in the back of my mind. I put in a couple hours of daylight and an hour and a half of darkness or so. Didn't get anything once it was dark but during the daylight some small smallies were caught and one hard-fighting cutbow. They all came on a shadow rap. Today was a reminder of how crappy shadow rap hooks are. I've seen small wipers bend the hooks and now a cutbow. Definitely upgrade them if you use them. I still need to upgrade mine.

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great lures but shitty hooks I agree. I had about a dozen wiper straighten those hooks last season. Didn't land a single one.
Maybe take a chance and change up after the first few losses? Lol-
maybe. But what is the fun in that?
I know. I fish the BPS lazer blades with crap hooks, crap split rings, and crap duo-locks.

Have lost nice fish with one or all of those points failing. I dont change the hooks until after I lose them-
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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