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Welcome! Cool to see more anglers who "do it all". It's the best way to approach fishing in CO. There is always some species somewhere that is in the prime window of the year to be caught. Your social media power-user trajectory will take you on a journey. You are going to have people who love your content and encourage it, and people who will treat you as a martyr for hot spotting things which they deem sacred. I've been both of these people. I've also been both a content creating hot spotter as well as a shadowy secret keeper.

Here is where I express my (probably) unwanted advice: When the day comes in which you capture a truly exceptional event, at the very least, consider keeping key details such as location to yourself.
It is a fine balance. Many times I've questioned whether or not to reveal too much. There are some lakes I will never do a video on, I just can't do it. The videos I've done so far have been very obvious lakes. You make great points.
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