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Fishing Around Alamosa...

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I am moving to Alamosa. I was wondering if anyone has fished around there. I know the ark river is pretty nice near Salida. Is there any good fishing closer to Alamosa? thanks.
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The Conejos River and the Second Meadows of Elk Creek are my favorites down south!! Second Meadows can be a swamp during runoff and, given this years snowpack, now is not the time - wait until after the 4th of July!
Hey, I am visiting a friend in Alamosa next week. We plan on staying near Platoro Reservoir, so I am sure we will hit the Conejos. Anybody have any experience there?
There is a fly store in Creede, ( the closest to Alamosa) they might know about the water conditions in Conjeos. I would give them a call.

I have heard the san luis resevoir has a good population of carp. Has anyone fished there?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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