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Aurora Gander Mountain Presents
Fishing At Eleven Mile Reservoir
Hosted by Larry Falk


Join us on
March 11, 2005
from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

The where's and how's. Eleven Mile Reservoir late season ice fishing techniques and early ice-off hot spots and techniques. With current ice conditions it looks like we will be hard water fishing through all of March. Many people tend to stop ice fishing way to early and some of the best action happens in late season, typically March. Will touch on Salmon, Trout and Pike the where's and the how's. As the fishing season ends, there is fishable water from shore along ice edges where some of the biggest fish of the entire year can be and are caught.

Larry Falk is the owner, operator and guide captain at 11 Mile Marina, Eleven Mile State Park, and Lake George,Co. Larry has fished Eleven Mile Reservoir since 1979 and has guided on the lake since 1994. He has been featured in countless newspaper and magazine articles and has apperared on TNN's, Outdoors' USA catching an 8 -1/2 pound German Brown as camera's rolled.

For more information on this or any other event, contact us at (303) 750-0055.
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