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Fishing from Boat at Night

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I'm wondering if it is required to have bow and stern lights for fishing at night. Is it only required to have them lit while boat is in motion or must you have it on at all times? What if you decide to anchor on a calm star-lit evening and snooze while catfishing or something?

Or like I said, is it even required? Please help me out fellas. Yours truly, 1eyeReD
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Nawanda, are you speaking about this time of year? Or all though the summer for winter clothing? Depends on elevation, but Llate May - Sept. I have sweat most of the night fishing. Better safe than sorry, but pants a shirt some raingear and light jacket, is most you'll ever need. Now thats different until late May, before then, never know when you could be hit by blizzard.
LOL Nawanda, and yes higher up it can get cold. One year I was in the Boulder field on Longs Peak, july 4th, lightning, wind, and SNOW, six inchs worth by morning!
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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