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Fishing gear.... on the airplane.

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Ok, so I am going to canada again this summer.... (only for 2 weekes this time but hey it's better than nothing)

anyways. it was a non issue last year with my gear becuase I just had loaded in the 'burbon that they were driving up to their place with.

But this year I have to bring my stuff in on a plane. so what are the deals with fishing gear ? I know to make sure I have the knives/multi tools out and stuff like that but... I want to try and go carry on only. ( Air canada lost my bag last time for about 2 weeks... that was fun). if I have to I guess I will go the checked bag route... but I really want to try and avoid that.

anyways I am looking for advice and all that. I will be giving air canada a call here in a bit... but getting someone on the phone there is like catching a tiger muskie.... sometimes it takes a 1000 tries.
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well I can't seem to delete my own post.... oh well

just found out that tackel is a no no on the plane.
it must be checked... but I can get my rods and reels on no problemo. (lmiit 2 rods 2 reels)

well so much for the carry on only plan    D&%@~ IT.

hopefully they can get my bag on the plane this time.... and get it to me on the other end.
I would be brigning my whole kit with me... so I don't think they are going to like the idea of very large tackel box worth of hooks

and the 1000 times things is what I remember form last year when they lost my bags.... and I spent hours on hold with the ____________________ (words are not enough to convey how much I hated their customer serivce. they never called back when they said they would. I could almost never get throug to someone. the line was busy a ton. They said they had fedex my bag to me.... gave me tacking number that was not valid.... once they found it for sure 2 weeks later they were able to get it to me in 2 days (they bag was left in denver and they had a bit problem finding my buddies place that is really kinda out there.... oh well)

god if they loose my whole fishing kit I am going to livid.
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