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Fishing gene

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Hi, Everyone.

I was talking with my Uncle Lou about how much I enjoy fishing. He shared with me that my Daddy (who passed away in 1972 when I was 12) loved to fish as much as I do!

I remember my Daddy used to take me and my brothers fishing up at Horsetooth Reservoir a long time ago.

My Uncle Lou mentioned the time he and my Daddy went on a fishing trip up in Canada with some friends back in 1961. He said he had a picture of them taken during that trip. It was at Lac Seul Reservoir in Ontario. He found the picture and sent it to me.

I wanted to share the picture with everyone because it really touched my heart.

<IMG SRC="">

My Daddy is second from the left and Uncle Lou is on the far left.

Now I know why I love fishing so much! ;D
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That is truly a picture whose value is beyond calculation.

I think there really must be a fishing gene. My grandpa passed his on to my dad, who passed it on to me and my three brothers. (It skipped my sisters, I don't know why.) My son got it from me, and his son from him. Five generations and the gene is still going strong.

Just studying the picture here, hard to tell, nice batch of northerns, but could Uncle Lou's fish be a walleye?
well if there is a fishing gene

i have no clue where i stole it from because my dad and
his dad never fished

but i love to fish and i started when i was real young
trying to fish

everything i know and have learned have been from
just going out and trying it and some books

my dad is in his 60s and this is the first time he has ever
had a fishing license and im trying to get him to go with
my kids
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Yes, Walking Eagle, we do believe it's a walleye.

My boyfriend (Dante) and I looked up Lac Seul Reservoir on the internet and it does mention the size and numbers of walleyes and northerns the lake has in it.

It is now my "Quest" to someday go to Lac Seul and fish the waters my father fished so long ago!
cool picture...

i always enjoy looking at old photos, and especially ones with relatives in them. its so strange to see them when they were forget sometimes that they ever were.

as far as a fishing gene....well it defiantely didnt come from my dad's side, hes a non fishing fool. i did take him once, and after he caught his first trout on a fly rod he was ready to go home. unfortunately i wasnt, so i made him stay until i was done fishing. no one comes between me and my fishing...relatives included... ;)

Thanks for sharing the picture -- your dad looks like he is having a good time and that's what it's all about! I also like to look at these old pictures trying to guess what it was like back then. So many of the older pictures have long stringers full of fish in them!

My "fishing gene" came from my grandfather who is actually a step father to my mom, so to me that proves the theory that it is also environment one was brought up in and not just genes... My dad never fished at all.
thanks for sharing EG.....that is a really cool picture
If there is a gene it skipped most of my family. My granpa whole life was fishing and I was the only one who showed interest. I picked up what I could from him but his health was bad and he passed away right when I was really getting into it. He would make up not being able to go with catalog orders back then in the early 80's secret orders so the other grand kids wouldn't feel left out. I bet today if I had to buy what he did it would cost a couple thousand. Almost all that stuff I still have just can't get myself to use it. My mom found a box years back of old movie reels and they where of my granpa and buddies fishing trips and she put them all on one tape for me. After watching this tape I convinced fishing won't be the same for each following generation. The one part I really like was them fishing the beaver ponds on the frying pan befor the dam and they have pics of three brooks that have to be 5-7lbs. I don't think there is one trout under 3lbs of all the states this tape covers.
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That's a cool photo. There is another fish that looks like it might not be a pike in there as well, besides the already mentioned walleye. I think it mostly has to do with the environment you grew up in. Both sides of my family (pretty much anyway) fished. I really enjoy fishing and if I ever have a family of my own some day I will definitely get them fishing. Fishing is a very good thing. I enjoy the scenery, the catching, the cleaning (if kept), the eating (if kept), and even the preparation for another trip. I enjoy discussing fishing (as can be seen, I am involved in many forums on the internet). Fishing is always a friend there for you when it seems as if everything else has turned its back on you, so in a way it is also therapeutic (sp). I haven't fished for two weeks now and that is my longest drought in a year and a half. Sometimes though, other priorities (girls, friends, work, homework) come first. I try to go at least once per week on a big trip and when the local waters are fishing well I fish once to twice per week after school/work for cats, bass, stockers, whatever. Thanks for sharing that photo.
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That's a great picture, EG. Thanks for posting it.

Great picture...brings back memories of Northern Minnesota in the summer...thanks!
theres a saying that goes a "picture is worth a thousand words" and thats one of those pictures.There is fishing gene i am the 6th and every one of before me dad,grandpa,grt grandpa and so forth all have been captins of a commecial fishing vessels i was never close to my father but yet some how i have the same obsession when it come to fishing just thought i share my 2 cents and great pic :)
Everyone in my family fishes even my mom and sister. So maybe it is genetic maybe its the envrioment you grow up in. I can complain either way I love to fish.
Awesome pic! I hope you make it back to Lac Seul some day! Welcome to the board it is great to see more women enjoying the sport!
By the way, "Lac Seul" means "lone lake". If you succeed in getting there, you might have it all to yourself! Of course, modern development being what it is, you might not, too.
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