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<img src=" first big wiper/427177454_ORIG.jpg" alt="Image hosted by"><img src=" first big wiper/427177453_ORIG.jpg" alt="Image hosted by"><img src=" first big wiper/427177452_ORIG.jpg" alt="Image hosted by">
:) :) ;Went to Horsetooth this mornig,was on the water by 6:26 and got this nice baby at 8:05,bringing in 20"long,1lbs3/4oz.trolling slow with a Spin-n-glo-Walleye rig#687, tipped with a nightcrawler and used a 1/4oz.Bottombouncer,he or she hit like a tone of brick so hard I was over at Spring Canyon Dam going south to north at this time,close to the shoreline and deep.Trolled all the way up to the north side of Horsetooth,had two more hits on the way,but missed them :-[ :-[ :-[ , on the way back I had one more hit and what ever it was , I could not get a grip on it, it took all my line ,my reel was screaming and screaming 30lb.test Stern Super Braid,got it yesterday and now almost half is gone :eek: :eek:
first I fought I was snagged,but you can tell if you are or not,and it was bending my rod pretty good.So what I say!! I get him next time.
I did release the nice trout,Sorry but the pics. are not so good I took them with my Cam.Phone used the self-timer.
Hope you all had a good weekend, I sure did ;) ;) ;)
Gunter Romeo

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Nice fish! I know how difficult it is to take decent shots with a cellphone camera. How was the water level at Horsetooth? I would really like to make another boating trip there this year, but I'm not sure I will manage it.

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