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Fishing in Pueblo

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I'm going to be in Pueblo on Sunday and was wondering what my fishing options were. I know the Reservoir and the Ark. What else they got? I heard someone mention fountain lake, is that any good if so where is it. I dont have a boat so I dont think I want to hit the Res. Anyone know if the trout are spawning on the Ark down there, if so I dont want to hit that either.
Any suggestions.
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EPic-How the heck did you get to 411 posts already? ;D I know you don't want to fish the res but if you change your mind the North Marina boat ramp area has some good trout fishing. I been catching them all winter around there.  A lot of stockers but you'll get a holdover or a bood fish every so often-some big fish in there.  Guys who fish that area will all tell you about 7-8 lb. fish.  When the water warms thats also a good area for cats and wipers-especially at night.  Ed
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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