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Fishing slang for your spouse

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My whole life I have tried to converse with my spouse about fishing. The only problem is when I start speaking all she hears is "blah blah blah. " I can not put the blame on her it is how she was raised, learning proper English. Me, of course, I have learned and mastered the skill of Fishing Slang. I thought it was my duty to mankind to release my vast knowledge of this. With this knowledge my fellow fishing buddies will be able to teach their spouse this skill.

1." I am going fishing." When your spouse says these words what they are really saying is, " Yes dear I know we are 2 months behind on our house payment, they have shut off the power and phone and the water department is knocking on the door. But don't worry I will bring home dinner for the family. My advice is to let him go fishing anyway, he has already spent next months house payment on a new reel and pole. The power was spent on bait. The water and phone as spent on lures and hooks. You know if you would plant a garden you would not have to worry about food any way.
2. "I am going fishing." This one is almost as important as the first one but not quit. What he is realy saying is, "Some of my buddies and I are going to the lake to tell offensive jokes, drink stale beer, and discusting snacks." Don't even think about him bring home dinner, Have you ver known them to catch fish any way.
3. "I'm going fishing." Yes this one is as important as the first one, What your loving spouse is saying is, " Work has been h*** all week, the boss thinks I should actually be at work instead of at the bait shop. He also thinks reading fishing mag all day is not work." Yes I would you let your spouse go fishing. My one comment is that you let them go alone. But if you do insist on going please do not ask the following questions. "Honey how ca you ctch fish with your eyes closed?" Really more fish have been caught on the insides of eyelids than ever in a lake. "Honey, aren't you suppose to put bait on the hook?" Look he is meditating mentally with the fish with their eyes closed don't break their train of thought. And last but not least"Honey won't that snoring scare the fish?" this shows real lack of knowledge of fishing very people can speak Fishish.

These are just a few of mine let me know if you want more.
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those were good jimmy
have you ever noticed that you can be to sick to go to work
but not sick enuff to stay away from fishing
wow i thought my wife was the only one to call in sick
so she could go fishing with me and the boys
hey im a stay at home dad and i dont have to ask any one to go fishing but its not as fun by my self would rather have my boys with me
the only life threatening illness i have is marriage
but dont tell my wife because then it becomes more
life threatening
well koni i dont know what you have but i wish the best for
you and i hope that you get to fish alot
no i dont want you to catch all the big ones
but i hope you catch a mess of little ones

but i hope you are better
i wish you well
thanks and if i catch the big one i will have to tell all of you about it over and over on how great i am
1 - 6 of 23 Posts
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